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About Us

52 Studio Arts is a small community of artists who work together to bring the arts, education and healing services to the community.


We are enthusiastic about sharing our experience and knowledge of the arts with all those eager to learn in the community.

We have created studios for group classes, pod learning and workshops in music, theater, movement and the healing arts.

Piano Practice

What We Do

Our programs are affordable and low cost. We have sessions for all ages, abilities and interest. We give access to families and children who have been underserved. It is our mission to increase the appreciation of music, theater, dance and art around the world. We promote art that inspires healing and benefits the human soul. 

Our Studios

52 Studios Arts has everything that you need for your creative journey. Our studios  are available to members, talented students and for special events. Our spaces are bright and clear for artist focus and inspiration. There are two large adjoined suites for movement, two separate suites, an office, bathroom and a kitchen lounge area.

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