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Tea Time

Tea Series

Acoustic music sets, Real Talk and your favorite tea in January .  Join us on Saturdays at the warm and intimate art center Bailey's Cafe, Brooklyn. APAP passes are welcome. 

Music + Conversation


January 14


1p- REAL TALK: Juicing for Life, join a discussion on how to nourish, flush and rejuvenate your system for the New Year. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices are included in the ticket price.


Host: Stanley Banks


3p- Music Showcase: KAYO with guitarist Akil Dansan



January 21


1p- REAL TALK: Energy Wellness & Balancing , Kadeem will lead a discussion on discovering and increasing your overall quality of life. Simply put... how to live a happier life. His center, Kadeem One is a wellness organization that helps individuals overcome physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues through holistic wellness modalities.


Host: Kadeem Alston Roman


3p- Music Showcase: Antoine Roney trio featuring Kojo Roney.   CEO and internationally renowned saxophonist Antoine Roney presents artists from his new record label, Enoit Music.


January 28


1p- REAL TALK:  Black beauty in the era of Artificial Intelligence, A discussion about the history of black beauty in a racialized society and emerging themes around AI algorithmic bias. What does this mean specifically for communities of color?


Host: Chanda Burrage, Sistruptr CEO, Adjunct lecturer at CUNY Ledger Evers College, PHD candidate. Chanda seeks to challenge broader social concerns around emerging technology as she reimagins a world where communities of color are treated humanely rather than as disposable testing agents for development. 


3p- Music Showcase: Ronnie Burrage, internationally renowned drummer reveals the latest  from his music collection.


Thank you for joining the Tea Series this year. If you would like more information, or you are an artist would would like to participate contact, please put " Tea Series 2024" in the subject line.

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