52 Studio Arts offers classes in music, theater, movement and healing arts.

Pre- Music: Rainbowlab, recorder and percussion is for students with no experience. ( ages 4 to 7 years old.)


Strings : Violin,  Viola, Cello, Bass lessons are available in Suzuki, Traditional, Classical and Jazz styles.


Drums:  Our drum classes are available for all ages and levels (drum pads & sticks are available for purchase).


Guitar: We offer acoustic and electric guitar lessons for all ages, covering all styles. 

Piano: Classes for piano range from beginner to advanced levels. ( All ages)


Trombone: The studio is open to talented Trombone students.  (All must have an instrument)

Winds: Sax, Tenor, Alto, Clarinet. The studio is open to talented Wind  students.  (All must have an instrument or inquire about rentals)

Theater: Our theater program is available for teens and adults.


Let's Move!: Join our movement classes in yoga, stretch & tone and tai chi.

Benefits of Pod Learning

Pod classes are much smaller in size than a standard class, with a minimum of three students and a maximum of six students. Pod learning is designed to provide the students with more individual attention at a more affordable price then available in a standard size class. Pod class sizes minimize safety issues. All classes are conducted in areas equipped with five stage air purification systems.


Instruments and books can be rented and/or purchased from the studio and from  K&S Music.

For more information email us at or call 609. 318-4411 and leave a message.