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Nu Views 2023

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

Nu Views

Art + Activism

A Virtual Event

Feb. 12-April 2



Our annual Nu Views, a virtual event will feature artists in music, dance and the healing arts with new ideas and way of presenting life. Featured Artists are: Felicia Henry-Founder of Behind the Walls, Between the Lines (BTWBTL), Akil Dusson- The Beatbox Guitarist, Kim Lake- vocalist, filmaker, Clifton Anderson- producer, trombonist, Chanda Burrage -Sistruptr CEO, Adjunct lecturer at CUNY Ledger Evers College, PHD candidate.and the Peggy Choy Dance Company.

52 Studio Arts is committed to presenting art that represents new vision, deep insight and spiritual connection to our current diverse culture. Our art and stories have carried us through the challenging times and will sustain us today and beyond. Thank you for joining us in the efforts to keep artists working and in helping us to keep the Arts alive.

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