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Hot Picks: Michael Wimberly

SUNDAY MEDITATIONS by 52 Studio Arts is a virtual series that features messages of hope, encouragement and positive thoughts for you from our illustrious artist community. Next featured Hot Pick is artist, producer, composer Michael Wimberly.

Michael Wimberly was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio during the civil rights era, surrounded by the toxic fumes of steel mills and buoyed by a sea of blue-collar workers. This is where Wimberly’s early beginnings in soul, funk, rock, jazz, and classical music began. Beating rhythms on the hoods of cars and boxes while dancing to the pulsating music of James Brown, Sly Stone, Funkadelic, and Aretha Franklin…the spirit of revolution was in the air.

Sunday Meditations

Sundays 4 PM

Hot Picks: ALIVE by Michael Wimberly

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