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Hot Picks: Dana Hanchard

SUNDAY MEDITATIONS by 52 Studio Arts features messages of hope, encouragement and positive thoughts for you from our illustrious artist community. Enjoy an exciting new artist every week. #Gha’ilRhodesBenjamin #MichaelWimberly #CliftonAnderson #52studioarts #music #meditation #theater #spokenword #dance.

Hot Picks: Song of One by #Dana Hanchard On Air NOW.

Included are the first three lessons of A SONG of ONE, a system of intentional singing that uses exercises and songs specifically created to increase mind-body-spirit synergy and consciousness with the ancient singing practice of using shadows and light (dynamic resonance) in sound. Some Song of One songs use movement and many of them can be done as rounds. The practice of the songs increases the student's facility, not only with the voice but, with harmony, rhythm and maintaining a healthy frequency in the body. -Dana

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