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Herbal Spritzers

Updated: Jan 19

After hearing great feedback, I now want to share this wonderful spritzer with you. Because it gives me such pleasure, I use this spritzer in several ways. First, I spray it in my car to combat any foul odors that may slip through from passing by a landfill, or piles of garbage or being bombarded by all kinds of smells that can drift into the car when driving around in the city. Essentially, I use it to neutralize odors that can occur in any closed space, including closed-in spaces like subway cars, airplanes, trains, private and public bathrooms, etc., where I spritz a little on and around myself whenever possible. I use the Cleanse and Purify Spritzer when visiting my mother in the hospital. She loves its aroma and receives comments from all of her doctors and nurses about its loveliness. In fact, my mom brags about the fact that her own daughter created this wonderful combo of smells! Lastly, the fragrance of Anu Essentials Cleanse and Purify Spritzer is exceptional because it has been created using only essential oils, distilled water, and 190 proof alcohol. Believe it or not, my favorite way to use this spritzer is to spray it on my face masks! Not only does it make the mask smell good, but inhaling its natural immune-boosting botanicals gives me a mental lift, even while it blocks viral and bacterial elements in the air. I carry this spritzer in my purse during the hot days of summer since leaving it in the car would allow the intense heat to destroy its active ingredients. Essential oils used in this creation include eucalyptus, cloves, cinnamon bark, tea tree, rosemary, thyme, wild orange, etc. Make your life a little more pleasant and protected with our Cleanse and Purify Spritzer.

Anu Essentials (10% Discount Code: 52SArt)

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