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Our mission at 52 Studio Arts is to bring about positive growth and change by sharing the arts with you. Our journey begins now with your participation!


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Today is the first day of the four-day Winter Solstice when we will experience the year's longest nights. Following the Winter Solstice, little by little, each night will grow shorter, making each day longer, leading towards the Spring Equinox, which occurs in 90 days. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; let’s be present. The Winter Solstice is considered a most sacred time of year, when the veil between the physical and ethereal worlds is thinned, allowing us greater capacity to manifest our deepest desires through meditation, contemplation, and prayer. Winter is a time for going within, hibernating, planning, setting intentions, and taking a break from the constant treadmill. In earlier times, people literally adapted their lifestyles to the season at hand, and winter was a time for staying close to home. Learn more about the Winter Solstice here.

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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

52 Studio Arts presents,


January 14- February 4

Music + Conversations


A special gift for the new year is the return of the Tea Series! We will start with REAL TALK, a raw, honest conversation on topics of politics, beauty and health. In the second half of the program, there will be exciting presentations by International Music Artists from here and abroad. Join us, “Spill the tea” and enjoy an uplifting musical showcase with hot tea in a warm, intimate, community space.

Starting on Saturday, January 14 ;

Juicing for Life- Real Talk Host: Stanley Banks. (1p)

International Music Showcase- Def Poetry Jam and Spoken word artist KAYO from Generation Verb with guitarist Akil Dasan (3p)

1p. Real Talk: $10 (Suggested Donation)

3p. International Music Showcase: $15 (Special Ticket Price)

APAP Passes are welcome.

Refreshments will be served.


Bailey's Cafe

324 Malcolm X Blvd.

Brooklyn, NY 11233


'Tis the season for giving. Great ideas for hair, skin, wonderful scents for the house. Visit ANU ESSENTIALS for more details.